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My name is Terhas and I have been a reader for 15 years, professionally. Over the years, I have studied, and learned a variety of metaphysical disciplines. Prior to my professional career, as a reader and beyond, I have studied with great teachers and great students in the Tarot, Numerology, astrology and even crystal healing work. I am a student of the Tao and have been initiated into kriya yoga. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Learning from my teachers, learning through my clients and with other readers has been challenging, fun, mind-bending and quite rewarding. My work consists in discovering solutions to challenges and celebrating wonderful possibilities and triumphs. My purpose is to help you see the good in everything and to help you find clarity through your questions. All the talented people involved with Whispers of the Oracle are here to serve you. Contact me at 888-505-2133 Ext# 101


I am a Natural-born Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Sea Shell and Tarot Reader. I am Brazilian and I come from a large family of traditional Healers. I believe in the power that comes from nature, and I call this Orishas. Nature has a big influence in our everyday life, and my work is to find out, with accuracy, how I can guide you. God gave these gifts to me so I may provide you with solutions to your life’s questions. Contact me at 888-505-2133 Ext# 1010

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